Chill brother God’s in charge.

It’s all about election.


God chooses who to reveal himself to and he hides himself from everyone else.


In this age God is calling out (ekklesia simply means the called out) a very small number to be the body of Christ in the next age where many more people will be called out.

In fact just as in this age God is reconciling the Ekklesia to himself in Christ in the ages to come God will be reconciling the world and everyone in it to himself through us (the ekklesia, the body of Christ). This is what is talked of in 2 Corinthians 5:19 and Ephesians 1:9 – 12 and 22 – 23 (though the whole of Ephesians is pretty awesome).


Being Called out doesn’t mean separating yourself from society. God will make you different to everyone else but he won’t take you out of society.


He will make you fearless by showing you who He really is. By showing you and giving you faith that God is responsible for everything. Including the evil.


See people that tell people they have to separate themselves from society are actually preaching works and not grace.


All you have to do is chill brother. If you believe good. If you don’t believe also good. God is in control and God loves you. You ain’t got shit to worry about.


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