Guess what? You have no responsibility; God is responsible for everything!

I am fully convinced that one of the key foundations of the good news is the absence of personal responsibility.

In fact if man is personally responsible for anything then we have something to worry about. Namely any single thing that man is responsible for.

Man is a habitual misser (that is sinner – it means to miss) whatever target he aims for he will miss!

God on the other hand is a habitual hitter – every target he aims for he hits.

Now God has many arrows in his arsenal and a lot of those arrows are things that seem wicked – but do we say that sin is with God because he uses sin?

A better way of solving this problem is to exchange sin with missing.

Does God miss because he uses the misses of other beings to hit his target? Hmmm… funny how that way of articulating it shows us the unsearchable riches of God’s wisdom!

God is so wise and powerful that he uses our misses to hit His target! He is such a hitter – his aim and might are so spot on – that he can hit the target with a miss.

Oh mighty God!


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