Journal of my Journey towards Understanding: Prologue 1

I am going to begin a series within this blog which will consist of the steps on my journey to understanding the texts I am reading.

Sometimes the entries will take the form of an affirmation of something I have realized in the text, at others it may be a critique and in others it will just be what I think the text is saying.

Now due to the fact that often I will be approaching these texts and philosophers for the first time the understanding I derive from them will not always be “correct”.

I am bound to unwittingly erect straw-men in my critiques and make many other errors; but that doesn’t matter because I am not claiming to understand the meaning of the text.

My aim in these journal entries isn’t to rubbish a text or philosopher/philosophy but to understand them; rather my aim is to document my engagement with the texts in such a way that it will produce discussions that may aid me to see clearer that which I see dimly.

Also I hope to make them entertaining (to the right audience of course).

Lastly, even if I have misunderstood something in a text and talked from this misunderstanding I have surely understood something and expressed that; which surely has value. Maybe then the discussions could help me not only understand what I have misunderstood but also give a name, or the place within the academic landscape to that which I have understood in my misunderstanding.


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