Confessions from ‘Ressentiment’: Why Nietzsche’s Hammer Hurts

Brilliant and honest piece. I came across the same phenomena in myself (that of misplacing the cause of an internal phenomena in an external phenomena) a while ago when I began analysing my anxiety.

I had got into such a state that i was anxious around people all the time; i would get panic attacks the works.

But I’m a heavy coffee drinker and coffee causes anxiety – it’s a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor as well as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

I think that when I began drinking coffee I began being anxious but because i felt the anxiety a while after drinking the coffee and when i was amongst other human beings i attributed the cause of my internal distress to what was immediately present: Humans.

I confabulated an explanation of an internal phenomenon and that explanation became a belief that then caused the internal phenomenon to occur constantly even when i wasn’t drinking coffee through – i suppose – the power of placebo

sub specie hominis


There was a fly buzzing around my head the first time I sat down to read Twilight of the Idols.  Brushing the thing away, frustrated, I shifted my attention to focus upon the book.  I had read some Nietzsche before: Zarathustra, BGE, parts of TBOT, bits and pieces of the Genealogy, key excerpts and famous parts of The Gay Science.  I had also read a good bit of the secondary literature to get my bearings in Nietzsche’s philosophy, and considered myself to have a basic, working understanding of key concepts: the Dionysian, perspectivism, the eternal recurrence of the same, ressentiment



“Fucking thing!” I said to myself as the fly continued to buzz around my head, distracting me and bothering me.  By the time I got to that section of the book called “The Four Great Errors,” I was swatting madly at the fly and was forced

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