Dreams as Manifestations into the Conscious mind of the Sub-conscious learning process.

I’ve recently been thinking about dreams and what they could be a manifestation of.

I have also been learning to juggle and have noticed that though I become marginally better with every minute of practice this improvement is nothing compared to how much I improve after a sleep.

I remember the same being true when I was learning classical guitar. I would practice a song for hours; constantly making mistakes but gradually getting better. After a night’s sleep however I would notice a drastic improvement in my performance.

So bringing this back to dreams.

What are dreams?

I hypothesis that dreams are the projections of the sub-conscious learning process into the conscious mind.

The reason why dreams come across as garbled and make no sense is because the actors and pieces in the dreams don’t signify what they seem to signify. They signify parts of the learning process.

It’s like the learning process is a language utterly alien to everyday experience but when we dream the only “words” at our disposal are images we have experienced. Thus the translation comes across as garbled.

Another allegory would be translating every 1 and 0 that flows through a CPU into “A”s and “B”s. You’d just get a meaningless mess like aaaaabbbababababab.


One thought on “Dreams as Manifestations into the Conscious mind of the Sub-conscious learning process.

  1. To just blurt this out, it might seem as thought I’ve left out details. Here goes.

    Your subconscious mind does a lot of work while you are awake. The working memories that it possesses are stored to long term memory as you sleep. This process necessarily involves the ‘theater’ in your mind where you simulate the world around you as only through this part of the mind is long term memory created. As these are processed it creates artifacts in your ‘conscious mind’ which you see as dreams. The images are incomplete and seldom coherent for long periods because that’s what they are in your subconscious mind. Just bits and pieces that help you form the simulations you call thoughts that were or were not used, show as dreams on their way to long term storage.

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