Sex ed as young as possible and how innocence is really lost

We always find ourselves thrown into a social situation that consists of social-norms which determine our behaviour.

Normally we don’t question these values which are given to us; we just take them on face value and call those who don’t share our set of values strange or evil.

These norms go on to regulate our behaviour and determine our reaction to opinion.

For example people express shock and horror at 5-year-old children being given sex education.

They believe that by learning about sex at a young age a child will lose their innocence. Whereas really by learning about sex as young as possible they are protected against being used by paedophiles as objects or if they are used then they are given the language and the lack of shame to communicate the fact to an adult and stop further acts occurring.

The belief that a child will lose its innocence given knowledge about sex is an unfounded belief.

The people who belligerently express this view don’t even know what innocence is!

Personally I believe that an innocent child will react to any information innocently. It is not knowledge of sexual acts or how children are produced that causes a child to lose their innocence.

Maybe the question we should ask is “what does it mean to lose innocence?”

Let’s take the archetypal example: the story of Adam and Eve.

What emotions did they experience upon losing their innocence?


So who are the true perpetrators behind the loss of innocence children suffer?

Isn’t it the parents?

Isn’t “lose of innocence” just a term we use to describe the finished product called the fully socialized child?

That is aren’t you robbing your child of a bit of their innocence every time you tell them off?

What is innocence?

Isn’t it typified by a genuineness, an authenticity of being and a lack of dissimulation?

What did Adam and Eve do when they lost their innocence?

Didn’t they cover themselves up?

Why did they cover themselves up?

They covered themselves up because they were ashamed before God because they didn’t do what he told them to. That is: instead of expressing God’s being they expressed their own being.

If you read the story you see that the snake didn’t get Eve to do anything against her nature. The snake didn’t get Eve to do anything against her will.

The snake only made available to Eve the understanding that she could fulfil a desire that was a natural result of her God-given nature.

The loss of innocence Adam and Eve experienced was orchestrated and perpetrated by God just as in the case of the child the loss of innocence is orchestrated and perpetrated by the parent.

The parent has a strong emotional hold over the child and knowing this the parent issues commandments. The child inevitably disobeys because the commandment wouldn’t need to be issued if it wasn’t in the child’s nature to abide by it anyway.

Once the parent catches the child out the child lies and boom loses its innocence.


One thought on “Sex ed as young as possible and how innocence is really lost

  1. I’m a woman and when my sister was young I asked about her sex education in school (we’re from Australia were we teach sexual education in our schools) and she knew a lot about the mechanics of sex and no one had spoken to her about the emotions involved, etc. We started have talks about the emotional aspects of sex and relationships. Also, she didn’t have practical understanding about how to put a condom on, how to get the Pill, etc. So I showed her how to put on a condom (I wasn’t going to leave it all up to the knowledge and fumbling of a teenage boy) and we talked about other forms of birth control. I wasn’t in any way pushing her to become sexually active, I just wanted her to have options and be able to protect herself. One of the best things I’ve ever done.
    Oh, and I didn’t stop saying Vagina, Vulva, Labia and Penis, etc. the whole time.

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