Social conditioning as Magick

Crowley talks of something called a man’s true Will.

He says that if a man’s perceived Will is at odds with his true Will then any actions he takes to achieve it will be inefficacious.

Crowley also identifies all intentional acts with the term “Magick”. Basically he says that an intentional act takes advantage of the regularity of nature; with which certain effects follow certain causes.

That is to say that if you create the right conditions then right the right effect Will follow.

Whether you are writing a book and getting it printed or performing an arcane ritual and producing whatever your intention is.

The magi is just someone who experiences forces that are not recognized or experienced by the masses and are currently unknown to science. These forces act with the same regularity as the forces already known by science.

To apply this to social conditioning.

All through a youths life certain things are put upon pedestals. Things like wealth, fame and such.

In a very real sense people are being told what their Will is by the media’s rituals of X-Factor and the lottery; and the music industries incantations of a rich life-style. These rituals and incantations make the masses believe that they can attain them if only they want them enough.

So what does the individual born into this world do?

Instead of exploring himself and his environment, discovering what possibilities of being there are, what activities he can engage in and become passionate about.

Instead of searching for his true Will he is spell bound by the incantations and rituals performed in the media and admired by his equally spell-bound peer-group to put all his effort into attaining what he has been told is his Will.

The result is the mass of people become factory fodder because the ambitions implanted into the youths psyche are ambitions that only a few can attain and that not by their own intention but by selection and chance.


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