The act of teaching as it is done today is of “the one hole fits all” type.

The problem is that not only is each individual unique; but that each individual steps from one uniqueness to another with each passing moment.

This produces a problem: How are we to teach anyone anything given the unique and protean nature of human beings?

The only way that I can see of resolving this issue is by open non-judgemental communication between individuals.

Now we come to another question: what is the act of teaching and the act of learning?

Given our current mode of communication to learn something is to make something that is unintelligible intelligible in such a way that the person who is learning can articulate statements about it; the act of teaching is that of an aid to this process.

The teacher is someone to who already knows that which is to be taught and is already able to articulate statements concerning it.

How is the teacher to go about making these statements intelligible?

One way is to have the object that is to be made intelligible before the two of them. The teacher makes statements about it whilst pointing out in the object what the statements concern. Showing the correspondence between certain statements and certain features of the object.

But the object is not always present. So what is to be done in this case?

I will use the analogy of a tree. Each branching off of the tree represent statements already known by the individual about a wide range of subjects.

This mesh of branches are a framework through which a person understands the world and what is said.

So in order for someone to teach someone something – I mean really teach them something and not merely make them able to utter a list of subjectively meaningless statements – they would have to know the framework with which the other understands statements and the world.

The teacher would first have to become student to the student; then he could translate into the student’s framework what the student wants to know but doesn’t.

Why isn’t this done?

Nice answer: Logistics

Nasty answer: THEY – who ever “THEY” are – don’t want us to know things in a subjectively meaningful way.

I’m just in kindergarten as far as painting goes as you can no doubt tell. But I hope to make more available the meaning that I am attempting to convey by melding the mediums of painting and writing.


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