Western Philosophy meets Eastern Philosophy through Heidegger Part. 1

I believe that in Heidegger’s “Being and Time” the east and the west have finally come to the same conclusion concerning our own being; come to the same conclusion concerning existence.

It is as if a man called “The West” and a man called “The East” were to walk in opposite directions around a globe and have finally met and shaken hands again.

Western philosophy has been in the process of attempting to reach “Truth” via a discourse based on logic. It has sought “Truth” through apophantic statements; sentences about which one can say “This is true/false”

I believe the idea of “Truth” is a construction; a remnant left over from Plato’s theory of forms.

In the east; or rather in certain strains of eastern thought; or to put it in Heideggerian terms: in certain modes of Dasein that have occurred in the east, the concept of truth has not arisen.

This mode of Dasein is what we call meditation.

In meditation one eventually realizes that the internal dialogue is not their “true self”; maybe because it manifests – when looked at closely – to be no different to the experiences we gain from “what is external to us”.

Through meditation the Dasein realizes that the emotions it has; or rather the attunements it undergoes are not itself.

To be continued…


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