Pride is a form of control; Pride is shame in disguise.

People talk about pride as a good thing.

“You should be proud of yourself” really means “You did what I wanted you to do”

“Where’s your pride!” really means “You’re not doing what I want you to do.”

“Stand tall!” Really means “Protect your status”

“Be a man!” Really means “Conform to society’s definition of what a man is.”

“Be proud of your work” is really an inappropriate use of the word proud; it should be “Be satisfied with your work” or “Be pleased with what you have done.”

There are some pieces of writing I have produced that I’m happy with and some that I am not.

The pride I am talking about here is really the flip-side of a coin the other side of which is shame.

It is one of society’s tools to produce conformity.


Because pride is all about status.

To have status you need to fulfil certain criterion that you yourself did not choose; that you do not even know the provenance of.

For example:

A man doesn’t run from a fight; he stands his ground.

So if you are placed within a conflict situation, if your status is challenged in front of others. You have to fight.

But you don’t want to get hurt and in a fight it is inevitable that you will get hurt. Therefore pride/status forces you to do what you don’t really want to do.

Pride is behind most conflicts.

Think about how most fights start.

“You’re a coward/pussy/woman/[insert derogatory remark]” Person A says to person B.

Now if they were alone together person B may just shrug his shoulders and walk away.

But if they are amongst a crowd person B will feel he has to defend his honour; his identity or whatever and a fight will ensue.

The cold war was a war over resources and power. But what did the elites use as a motivating tool to get their populations on side?

Pride in one’s nation.

They got their populations to identify with the country they happened to be born in by chance and through this perpetuate an arms race.

Pride fuels wars.


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