Woes of Love 8

I miss you!

I need consoling!

I sense a difference in the way you’re writing to me today.

I have that sinking feeling in my stomach.

I’m probably just being a silly billy; but I do so love you that the monsters pick up on the slightest thing and start whispering.

“She don’t like you no more!” they say.

“You’re boring!” They say

“She’s slowly withdrawing herself so as not to hurt your feelings” they say

“It’s not surprising really is it? I mean look at you! You’ve got no money, a shitty job, your windows were grimy when she came round. You should have cleaned your windows! And you told her those things you fucking idiot.” they say getting louder and louder.

“And now she’s being cold with you. Giving you the cold shoulder she is. Ha ha ha. You knew this was coming! You knew she was too good for you and she’d realize it. To be frank I’m surprised it lasted this long.” They say leering at me.

[All worries were allayed :D]


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