The worth of government sanctified marriage

Yeah I don’t see marriage seriously.

That’s because I don’t accept the government’s authority over me.

Sure they have police with batons who can hurt me; but the government is not my boss.

Marriage is basically like a little child going up to daddy and saying “Daddy can I please have this?”

But fuck the government I’m a fucking adult.

You’re already married to me; if we feel for each other like we tell each other we do.

And if we ever split up we will feel pain and that’s the fucking divorce not some money gobbling, document creating legal process.

Marriage is a lot like baptism in the Christian tradition.

A person has an experience of redemption and rebirth (that is us falling in love) then they declare to the community that they have undergone this transformation by being baptised (that’s marriage).

Our true marriage would be when your parents know and we have a party in our honour where all the people we care about celebrate the fact of our love and commitment to each other.


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