Are we the fish, the bubble, the ripples or the whole pond?

People are a lot like ponds.

Sometimes a fish is swimming far beneath the surface and a bubble escapes from where ever it is bubbles escape from fish.

This bubble rises to the surface. It is knocked about by whatever turbulence is created by the creatures of the pond.

When the bubble reaches the surface it pops and ripples spread.

The behaviour of most people is just ripples.

These ripples come up against the ripples of other people.

Most people only see the ripples.

They take offence. They say “How dare you treat me like that?” and then retaliate.

It takes a sharp eye to see the bubble before it pops; it takes an open mind to ask the question “Where did that bubble come from?”

It takes open, non-judgemental conversation between two ripples to see the fish from whence the bubble came. 

Sadly we’re raised to be surface dwellers.

We’re raised to be scared of the depths.

We’re conditioned by “Stop asking so many questions!”, “Isn’t it obvious!” and of course the dastardly “It just is!” to not take the plunge and realize our depths.


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