Woes of Love 3

When you fall in love you hand over your emotional being to another.

It’s like sitting on a knife’s edge; the sweet spot is so small that any movement cuts.

At least before time has had the time to create a strong sense of security.

But at first the worst interpretation occurs within the mind from the slightest thing.

Love is such a treasure and because it is such a treasure the fear of losing it is so great.

You want to keep running over to the chest to make sure it is still there.

You open it up to make sure it hasn’t been stolen.

It is so easy for love to turn into possession; but possession is the disease that kills love.

It’s even harder when your love lives so far away.

You send an email but there’s no reply.

That’s you rushing over to the chest to make sure it’s still there.

Then you send another email.

That’s you opening the chest.

But no reply!

You jump to the worst conclusion immediately.

You sit and wait hoping that you’re treasures just gone for a walk.

Then you get a response; a beautiful response.

They tell you how much they miss you.

They don’t just say “I miss you” but they describe the bits they miss.

And you feel such relief.

“If you love someone let them go; if they love you they’ll come back”


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