The Con of Control

The hiccups have stopped for a bit!

Maybe that’s the end of them.

They started yesterday afternoon. I was hiccupping all the way to work, at work, on the way back from work and up until now.

They don’t bother me.

I like seeing my body do things I don’t tell it to do

You know like when you get those little muscle spasms.

It reminds me that I’m not and cannot be in control and I find that comforting.

It’s funny; out of that letting go of the illusion of control comes motivation, creativity, action and all sorts of stuff.

The illusion of control makes us believe we can control how other people perceive us. So we try to get them to see us in a certain way.

We try to squeeze ourselves into a mould.

Ha ha ha: the illusion of control causes you to be controlled or rather controllable.

If you could discover how the deluded person wanted to be perceived you could make affirming expressions or sounds when they did what you wanted and the opposite when they didn’t do what you wanted.

Dorathy Macha (the character played by Ray liotta in “Revolver”) says that the most important question is “What’s in it for me?”.

This is one articulation of the delusion of control.

Just find out what he wants and voilà you have leverage.

Find out what his plans are to get what he wants and voilà you have leverage. You can make him feel angry or pleased and if you know him well enough you would know how he would act whilst under the sway of those emotions.

Such a man becomes controllable through his predictability.

By seeking to control you just put yourself into a Skinner box.

Here’s a funny one for you: the people who would take advantage of the situation I just described would also be in the Skinner box.

As Avi (the character played by Andre Benjamin from “Revolver”) says “where does it stop, where does this game stop?”

You can only anger a man who is deluded by the illusion of control.

That’s not to say you can’t fall back into the delusion from time to time.

But once you’ve seen that you’re not in control; that you’re just the universe hiccupping; you can never stay in the delusion for long.

Inevitably what you think you have control over will thwart you in your attempts to control it thus disillusioning the temporarily deluded person who has seen through the con of control.

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