Love is the best experience; or rather love is the best way of being-in-the-world.

That’s what love really is. It is a world disclosing itself to two individuals; a private world disclosed just for them and by them.

The other day I was on the phone to my love. The phone-call lasted hours (typical women, right! :P). At first I was overjoyed just to hear her speak. Then I began to notice a tension arising within me.

The tension was between the world I inhabit without her and the world I inhabit with her.

I have a routine that consists of work, nap, skill practice, reading of abstruse text (currently “Being and Time”), dinner, film, skill practice, reading for fun (“Brother’s Karamazov”) in bed for a couple of hours and then sleep.

That was my mode of being-in-the-world before this beautiful woman dropped into my life.

It was like there were two parts to me.

One part (which was like 80%) desired to speak with her; to disclose by means of conversation the world we share.

If it had a voice it would say “Yes! This is amazing! She’s you’re dream girl, she wants to talk to you, and she affirms her love for you without you even asking for it!”.

The other part wanted to do my routine; remain in my world.

If it had a voice it would say in a frustrated tone “I want to juggle and read!”

I think key parts of love are sacrifice and compromise; actually I think sacrifice is redundant for compromise is where both sacrifice to each other and that is love.

Or maybe sacrifice isn’t redundant. I hope to find out.

Of course at the moment we are in the honey moon period.

As our lifes entwine I assume there will be our shared world and our individual worlds.

We will learn to be together together and alone together.

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