Voices In the Head

’tis slightly overcast.

well ’tis totally overcast.

Not a speck of blue

dares peek through

yonder lofty cloudy carpet!

“How rude of it!”

Says a voice in my head.

“You ought to be careful of those!”

said another voice in my head.

“Careful of what?”

I thought i said

But it was another voice in my head

“Voices in your head silly!”

Voice 2 said

“Shut up! Don’t tell him that!

The guv’ll have your guts for garters”

Said voice 1 trembling

Like a stetson gun firing

“Yes quite rude!

The sun should be out

The weather should be celebrating!

How dare it not!

Go out and make the weather nice!

Go on you can do it!”

Voice 1 said returning to its previous theme

I just sit and laugh.

“You’re a naughty one

Voice 1″

Voice 2 said.

The mind can be so funny sometimes

even these words are just

Voices in my head!

“No they’re letters on a page

You silly man”

They both chimed in.

But you started as voices in my head

“Touche” they said “Touche”

I laughed again

Said a voice in my head.

“You did that on purpose”

voice 2 said.

Did what on purpose?

“didn’t put quotation marks

around your laughter”

Voice 2 said

Shh they’re supposed to figure that out themselves

Go on

Like and subscribe.

Oh and like my Facebook page.

It’s in the corner

or somewhere.

“Go on you know you want to”

Said a voice in your head

whilst capering like a jester.


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