Love Drug

I’m just being a Silly Billy aren’t I?
My last love relationship was five years ago.

It only lasted a month. I fall quickly.

When I hit the ground it hurts.

When she went I put up no resistance.

I felt all the urges to try to shout, scream and plead; but all I did was write her an e-mail that compared human’s to diamonds. It’s basic premise was you don’t know me fully yet; maybe there are parts of me you’d love if you were only aware of them.

So I did plead! Would you look at!

Anyway that was all I did, when she replied in the negative I accepted and let her go.

I want love; not an object to possess.

Still when she went I withdrew into myself it hurt so much.

This has been the first time since then that I’ve let my self out.

Well I didn’t really have a choice you dragged my heart out before I’d even realized it had gone.

Actually dragged is the wrong word.

You’re a drug I’ve chosen to take and damn I like it!

If I’m to you what you are to me then we can take each other.

Unlike drugs though with love the more you take the better it becomes.


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