The Heidegger Effect

I’ve been reading Heidegger’s “Being and Time” and it has made work most entertaining.

At work I no longer see mopping as a chore; but as the world of “Mopping” being disclosed to me. I see that the mop is “handy”.

It is an “In-Order-To” do the “What-For” of cleaning the floor.

In its turn cleaning the floor is an “In-Order-To” do the “What-for” of making the store look appealing. To make the store look appealing is an “In-Order-To” do the “What-For” of selling products.

I see that sometimes I do the mopping authentically. This is when I am unaware of the mop but aware of the floor. I look with circumspection (I am new to Heidegger so please correct me if I use that or any term incorrectly) at the floor for stains. I am open to opportunities that disclose themselves for me to clean.

I also see that I often (well most of the time) mop unauthentically when I am not paying attention to the task at hand but am lost in thoughts about something like for example “Being and Time”.

I also use a big green machine to clean the floor. Sometimes the big green machine breaks and becomes conspicuous. I become obstructed in my task and have to fix it. In the act of fixing it I become aware of a small referential totality.

The machine consists of a spinning wheel, a squirting device which emits water and a vacuum device that sucks up the dirty water after the spinning wheel and the water have cleaned a bit of the floor. I have to examine these parts “In-order-to” do the “what-for” of fixing the machine.

Forgive any errors of understanding or misuse of terms. This is my first read through and I am only up to Chapter 3  $17. “Reference and Signs” (that is I am yet to read that bit but have read the bit just before).

I’m reading the Joan Stambaugh translation revised by Dennis J. Schmidt. This copy:


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