Aphoristic Renderings of my Opinions on Truth

I actually intended for this blog to finish at the close of my witty (purple prose. I know but it was such a witty and malleable aphorism I just couldn’t help myself with throwing in a redundant “witty”) bon mot; you know a lazy way to fill my self-imposed and often disobeyed quota of posts per week. Which is 7 or at least 6 if anyone’s been keeping tabs ūüėõ

It will be back to the normal succinct fare tomorrow or later today though so don’t worry about being bombarder

As you have no doubt realized by now that me and this post have eloped into the realms of:

“I can’t be arsed to read all those words! Can’t this man write succinctly? Does he not realize that brevity is the soul of wit?!”

Yes I do realize all these. Thank you for pointing them out to me; oh forever nameless figment of my imagination. Forever nameless because I don’t like brevity or succinctness; language already has enough trouble rendering reality that it just doesn’t need the hassle of having to do so with the fewest words possible!

But sometimes the creative urge wells up in one. Especially on nights like these when one has consumed enough coffee to be really wired or dead but has been prescribed anti-anxiety medications; that not only get rid of the jitters and anxiety produced by such a quantity of coffee; they also turn off the inner police-man. Which combined with my fatigued state that also turns off the inner police-man; which is funny! I find that the more tired I am the more open and confident I become.

This has led me to the conclusion that anxiety and the inner policeman are both actions we take that require effort. The reason this is strange is because most people claim to be more stressed and irritable with lack of sleep; whereas I meander through the sine-wave of seemingly complete wakefulness and absolute exhaustion in a Buddha like manner.¬†Not caring what other’s think of me; which I do normally; otherwise I wouldn’t experience anxiety in social situations.

Also Slavoj Zizek was right in what he said about Buddhism. I can’t remember the quote verbatim but the gist of it is that the end result of Buddhism can be achieved through taking a drug like one from the benzodiazipine family of sedatives.


That wasn’t the beginning; it was written after the completion so in a way it is both beginning and end – a prologue if you will that is unnecessary in such a text. That’s Derrida speaking not me!


This is where it began chronologically:

“The pursuit of truth is just an excuse not to look at beautiful things.” An aphorism coined by your’s truly (If muscle heads can parade their masculine physiques; then I see no reason why I cannot revel in the gift of the gab and understanding I was given)

(I realized just now that this can be turned on its head and still make sense and be true; some people use truth-seeking differently.)

or the lack of our ability to know the big Truth.

You know: The Truth spelt with a CAPITAL T like some steroid enraged and engorged Mr T.

Who’s going to seriously mess you up, then stick what he’s got engorged into the orifice you poop out of; with no lube except the sweat that naturally comes with carrying all that muscle around; if you don’t get his single intended meaning.

To escape from the act of mentation that they find a chore.

And that’s fine – it’s OK to not enjoy reading and thinking about things in a philosophic manner. Hell I didn’t choose to be the way I am with the head I have. Some times I wish I could be like the majority; but those times come few and far between; the world is more beautiful from a higher vantage point.

You can see that once you were in one room, of one house and you thought that the world was that room. But you stepped out the door.

Maybe with a bit of trepidation; the Adults or the Authorities or the Religious leaders who claimed access to the ultimate authority were all telling you to stay in your room. That it’s a dangerous world out there! That here, in the known, where you’re comfortable is where you are meant to be.

But NO!


You little rebel!



You said “I’d rather risk the unknown out-doors than live a life of experiential penury; of running around the same old, round rat race again and again. There’s only so much beige a man can take for God’s sake!”



They try and seduce you back with easy entertainment. With technological marvels that will increase your level of comfort to a new high; to which you will rapidly acclimatize.

Due to the fact that the comforts afforded by acquiring useless

and ultimately throw-away commodities

in the past have satiated you for a time you seek out more: a better car than the one you already have which functions perfectly for your purposes (yes I’m talking to you M!); On lots of clothes and gimmicky spiritual goods.

“Oh and fashion don’t get me started on fashion” Rudely interrupted the Marvin part of my brain in it’s depressing monotone. “When new fashions arises people mock it and say it looks stupid.”


“Then some people start following the fashion because they identify with the role of “being different.” Marvin continues in his boring; though never-the less accurate analysis of the fashion phenomena. “Then everyone else starts following the same fashion because fashion designers aren’t paid a lot of money for fuck all you know! They are actually pretty good at designing out-fits that flatter men and women’s figures…. ”

“Actually on second thoughts” ruminated Marvin

(that is Marvin from “The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” BTW… just in case you didn’t know. I’m not being patronizing just not everyone who reads this has definitely read that brilliant series. So if you are one of those who don’t know what character I’m referencing; get the books asap – or watch the old TV series. (Do not read following if scared of spoilers)¬†Apparently we’re descended from a group of bureaucrats who were… i’ll leave the story for your leisure. If it were true it would explain an awful lot is all I’ll say about the old hitchy)

“Actually on second thoughts” ruminated Marvin. Who was slightly confused at having repeated himself. Would this mean this was on third thoughts?


Ah Marvin realized in a stupidly, incomprehensibly small fraction of a planck time. Which as it happens is a totally meaningless scale of measurement time; which also; funnily enough as a direct consequence of this fact makes Marvin a meaninglessly, quick thinker which is 10^456784 * / bibble bobble quicker than the quickest meaningful thing there is

We shan’t go into the meaninglessness of meaning now or we’ll be here all day, I’d have written a mass of words that due to its quantity of words people won’t read…


Fuck it!


I passed that point about 300 words ago. Might as well take my time wrapping up.


So what is there to wrap up?

Oh we have Marvin’s second thoughts to express and then we have to deal with how the initial aphorism works both ways.

“Actually, on second thoughts” this time Marvin didn’t encounter any confusion at having third thoughts.

actually fourth thoughts in this case. I know! I made a mistake but at least I owned up to it. Plus FYI I did not have sexual relations with that lady (that’s a Clinton joke for all you youngster’s)

“Actually on se…. can we stop with the repeating business please your authorship? ¬†It irks an already over irked and depressed sentient machine; and not only that but it is patronizing to your audience! Don’t you see they are intelligent enough to remember what I said the first time; or at least they have the capacity to scroll up the page and re-view what I said!

“So let’s forget about repeating ourselves and get down to the nitty-gritty second thoughts I had” Said Marvin with a slight raise in pitch to his voice. Induced no doubt by the belief that he has wrested control from my hands and into his.

“So these second thoughts,” see he can’t help himself can he; he’s just doomed to repeat redundant statements until I discard him to where-ever fictional characters go when they’ve served the author’s whim (or purpose; depends what kind of author you ask. It’s like many questions in that respect). Which in this particular instance is for him to play a role in my attempt to convey information

Which we all know from my blog titled “Naughty Communication” is really just a sham to satisfy our guilt for existing; for the coherence of a social unity; because some dude ate an apple 6000 years ago; or just for the sheer hell of it (that’s the answer you get from me; we create excuses to communicate. To stroke each other to us a transactional analysis term) depends on who you ask which answer you’ll get.

“These second thoughts are this” Marvin said really quickly so I wouldn’t butt in. The typed cannot beat the typist! Poor, depressed and inevitably frustrated Marvin.

Marvin continued in spite of feeling frustrated “they could be performing an experiment on the fashionistas to see what are the limits to the ludicrous, cumbersome, and all round disabling” Marvin made a rare mistake in forgetting to mention perishable; these jeans get holes in them quicker than a whore’s hosiery and I’ve not even having sex for like years! Yes a plural combined with the words “years” and “sex” atrocious I know but what is a non-predatory wooer who refuses to wear a mask do?) and marvin continues “level of clothing¬†they can get people to buy at extortionate mark-up rates is.”


There; Phew finally got it out, after a lot of procrastination we have done away with the part that Marvin’s bit of me has to play – played well or unwell he was played none-the-less and by actors in suits if you take it to mean what I don’t intend it to mean.

Now onto the reverse of the aphorism I began with:

“The pursuit of truth is nothing but an excuse not to look at beautiful things!”

Is true for some (in my more cynical moods I’d say most and I’d be right because I am in a cynical mood) ¬†but:

“The pursuit of truth is nothing but an excuse to look at beautiful things!”

Is true for the others.


Curtains up. Masks off. Hope you enjoyed the new style.




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