Sincerity in a culture of detachment

This is brilliant.

Though I don’t believe in the positivist faith (that everything can be brought into the light, that everything can be known) I have a strong desire to honestly and clearly express myself.

One area I think you are wrong though is in ascribing reality to the danger faced by saying what you mean clearly. Sure the other may not like you or the other may think you are creepy; but the thing about others is there’s loads of them.

Actually come to think about it though it’s silly to be scared of an other’s opinion sometimes the other could be someone you could get along with but first you have to play the understatement game for a bit. Eventually show the other through your own behaviour that it’s fine to be open and honest and sincere.

I get the creepy thing too. Often if I see a girl in an environment where it is socially acceptable to woo I’ll open with “Hey you look beautiful! what are you interested in (or what are you passionate about, or what interests you) in?” And been called a creep!


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