Pride Vs Humility

Pride is a protective measure from something you need no protection from.

Really what does pride come down to? “I am the best/good/strong….!” It comes down to protecting an image of yourself that you want to be seen as.

Fuck the mask, get your freaky self out and be who you can’t help but be.

Plus if you’re with the woman you love and there is an argument over anything; even if I was certain she was wrong I would certainly accept saying “You’re right” if it meant maintaining the relationship.

Love is a valuable thing. If you have someone you are intimate with on multiple levels (or any level) then that’s priceless and worth any sacrifice.

Memory Lane

Prideis your greatest enemy, humilityis your greatest friend.” – John R.W. So why does losing it give you a much greater risk of getting hurt in relationships? Or is it only an illusion covering up the fear to show your weaknesses?

Lying on your bed, phone in your hand with essentially long text message already typed out. Knowing this is the last chance to work things out all of a sudden your prideis nowhere to be found. You acknowledge every outcome if you press send for the better or worst but you’re certain you can not get any low as you ready are feeling inside.

Your favourite Brian Mcknight song comes on shuffle the same one that always brings you nothing but the good memories you’ve shared during the relationship. That must be a sign right? Without hesitation you press send. “For fuck sake,  I sent the…

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