No Metaphor

Words aren’t a means of access to reality. They are a means of utilizing reality.

This is why the only questions that can be answered are “How did this occur?” Or to put it more crudely; the only question that can be answered is “what will happen if I do this?” Then depending on the amount of times the same thing occurs we make a bet we call certainty on it happening again.

We can’t really answer the what question with language. This is because language is a tool for manipulating reality. As such it only deals with features of a thing.

For example take an apple. The word “apple” is not the apple. It is a short-hand for a set of features. Roundish, red, green and edible.

Now we see the apple, we feel the apple, we smell the apple and we taste the apple. In that experience is the apple; but it is not the apple of the “apple”. This is because the word-symbol “apple” was just short-hand for a load of abstracted features but the actual apple (in fact lived-experience/the now) is a holistic whole that loses its very being through the surgery of language.

Source of Inspiration


Can’t find a metaphor
that fits what has happened to me
stars, roses, yesterday
none of these will do
cliches, prayers, stories
don’t quite work
to describe it all for you.

There are no words
to describe
no tale to tell
I’ve passed into
what must be lived
by each of us
in order to understand
then no words are needed
for we become
what we’ve always been.

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