How society robs people of their passion

A while ago I wrote a blog talking about how people when they judge beauty aren’t really judging based on their innate sense of the beautiful. They are actually comparing a person to a societal norm (thin, big boobs and etc). They call beautiful that which approximates that standard.

They have literally been robbed of their sense of beauty by the media.

Today I want to talk about passion. Passion is that feeling one has towards a certain activity like painting, writing, art, literature or whatever.

Yet again the media is the culprit in this story. The media produces entertainment that uses knowledge of the dopamine system to get people hooked.

It hooks them at a young age.

The stimulation people receive from media productions satiate the hunger that motivates people to find their passion. They become content with the productions of media and then never feel the need to create themselves.

You can recognize how negative this is in that our creations are expressions of our selves. So if we are not pursuing our passions we are losing ourselves. Just look at how homogeneous society has become. All the boys like the football and the action and all the girls like the fashion and the dainty stuff.

Even the idea that the clothes you wear express who you are is a just silly. You buy your clothes from shops like new look or what-ever and they have certain trends. You select from the trends what you think looks best on you. The problem is that you’re limiting your expression to a small palate that is defined by the clothing corporations.

This is of course designed to pacify the working masses because passions take time to develop and to develop a taste for. Whereas a TV program is just an hour-long affair and requires no development on the part of the consumer (which is why all TV is at primary school level).

The standard of productions the media companies produce is so high (as a result of having a large staff) that it makes people apathetic because “What’s the point in me making something if I can’t make it that good?”


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