The woes of a philosophy nerd

The problem with having philosophy as an obsession is that you eventually lose the ability to genuinely  converse with at least 90% of the population.


See most people speak in anecdotes most of the time.


“Today I did x at y and you wouldn’t believe who i met whilst doing x at y? Yeah I meet Z who said a….. etc.”


It seems that all their conversation consists of is a rehash of the days events and I find this all incredibly dull. Now don’t think for a second that I think this is objectively dull, or that I think this kind of conversation should  be prohibited (I would like to prohibit it :P). All I mean is that I feel awkward talking to these people because I see anecdotes as a spring-board to more philosophic discussion.


I naturally – without intention – start performing a philosophic analysis of the mundane anecdote. Obviously all I ever get in return are – if I’m lucky – blank stares and – if I’m not so lucky – a “You’re crazy”. Which is of course appropriate because in conversation we are playing a game the rules of which I can’t help but break. And being crazy is defined by not following those unspoken rules.


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