What is Evil?

A few months ago i wrote a message to someone on Facebook early one e morning:

“but like most people they are probably good and have problems expressing that essential goodness in a world that thwarts their attempts to achieve the intention they set out to achieve that then frustrates them and makes them act in ways that some people think are bad but really it’s just a cover to hide the fact that they care.”

There is no such thing as evil, at least in the sense of a mystical capital letter Evil. If one examines the circumstances surrounding the “Evil” it all becomes mundane. Thus able to be brought into the realm of us and love.

For example take paedophilia. These people didn’t choose to have overwhelming sexual urges towards children. If you look at yourself and your desires and preferences and are lucky enough to be within the normal range of preference-sets then thank your lucky stars that your UNCHOSEN urges get to be fulfilled without punishment and proclaims good. But if you are unlucky enough to be born with a preference-set (such as murder, rape, theft whatever) that society chastises you get called Evil?

Is such a word appropriate? Evil – it would seem to me – in it’s more metaphysical obfuscations relies upon the autonomous free-will of the individual But as i have shown else where who you are determines what you will choose and you can’t be held responsible (Evil) in any objectively shameful way.

Seen from an objective perspective there are no meta -qualative difference between any set of preferences. Judgement arises as the result of numbers of people trying to install a mystical fear of transgression. but really seen from the seat of awareness all preference sets are meta-invariable. That is they may differ in form and color but there exist no means of making any kind of value-statement.


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