the problem of evil for a theistic personal deity

The problem God has in answering the question: “why did you create reality thusly?” is that any answer presupposes a frame-work within which an answer can make sense.

Imagine God were to respond with “I created it in the best form possible.” How can the word best have any meaning there.

You can say best of a move in chess. But best within that context means it is a move in accordance with the rules of chess and one that takes advantage of the weaknesses within the other’s position. So before you can say something is best you have to be able to say what conditions make it the best.

Now if God is the creator par exallance, as in that which was before any context, how can he claim his creation to be the best?

You couldn’t say it’s the best because of how it all fits together because it could all fit together in any other conceivable way and there’s no way of saying any way is the best way.

Some claim that it is the best way simply because god says it’s the best way, because he prefers it that way. well who’s to say that my preference or your preference isn’t the best way? What characteristic does god have that gives him the power to determine the best? Omniscience? No that just gives him the power to know the best. Omnipotent?  No that just gives him the power to act the best? Omnipresence? ….. i won’t even say why that has nothing to do with determining the best


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