The working class hood-winked: Immigrants

It seems that when you follow the rabbit tunnel of blame all the way down to the bottom you always end up facing the fat-man in a nice suit with a top hat that is the icon of the capitalist system.

For instance, immigrants. You see a lot of the working-class yob lot getting irate about the influx of immigrants. They say that because of immigrants there are less jobs and the jobs that are there are less well paid. A lot of this crowd actually believe they are giving voice to their own opinions, that they are going out and expressing themselves for freedom.

One thing they never do though is ask questions!

They don’t ask why people are coming into England. Sure they say that they come here because it is better than where-ever the immigrants are coming from but that’s a truism. Why is it better here? Or – a more relevant question – why is it shit there? Answer: because of the employers.

Why do wages decrease when there are more people looking for them? The common propaganda put out there is that of market forces. They say that wages decrease with the increase in the supply of labor because of supply and demand in much the same way that they say apples fall to the ground because of gravity. They try and make us forget that there was actually a person –  or group of people – who deliberately and consciously decided to pay people less for their labor whilst simultaneously increasing the cost of the product that very labor is producing. The law of supply and demand is merely a facile excuse to fleece the brain-washed working class.

They also use competition to justify their actions! I would have a competitive edge on my opponent (and any opponent that came after him) if I killed him in a painful and public manner. Does that mean it’s fine for me to do so? Of course not. Yet it’s fine for companies to consistently year on year lower the living standards of their employees for that reason.

On the one hand you have a normal person from a 3rd world country working his ass off for just enough to live a life of malnutrition in a country with rules designed to oppress and keep him scared at the level of subsistence. On the other you have a fat capitalist wanker stood atop a skyscraper increasing his earnings from an amount that supports a ludicrously luxurious life-style filled with jet planes to one with a few more jet-planes and he brings about this increase by decreasing the earnings of men who live in penury. Who do the thick-headed, blind, spoon-fed dribbling masses execrate? The starving immigrant who’s suffered horrendous trials and tribulations to get here that’s who!

They don’t realize that we are literally at war. The relationship between master and slave is conflict. If you don’t think this is the case then why would anyone fight for freedom (which is the state of not being a slave)? Are we not slaves who get wages instead of food and shelter? Is this situation not made more blatant with the decrease in real wages year on year (taking into account inflation – how much meat can you get for a quid?)


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