The working class hoodwinked

The hatred that is directed towards people on benefits by those in the working class shows the level to which the working class man has been brain-washed by the corporate controlled media (read propaganda) outlets.


The working man is in a situation that causes him great frustration. It is necessary that he be frustrated because if he wasn’t frustrated he wouldn’t work. That is to say he works for an end, to be frustrated means not to have achieved that end and he works precisely to achieve that end. If a man achieved the end he was working towards then he would have no reason to work. Therefore it is necessary that he be given enough to whet his appetite but not enough to satiate him.


The cause of his frustration is his work, his lack of funds and lack of financial stability. None of these things are caused by people on benefits. They are the result of him not being paid the full value of his labor. They are the result of the deliberate actions of the executive bodies of corporate companies and a result of the very structure of the commercial system.


Despite this his ire is not directed towards the causes of his frustration; rather they are directed towards inconsequential peripheries.


It’s really quite diabolical (in a sense that deserves admiration and wonder) the way in which the powers that be have gained control over the working man. Not only have they taken away from him any effective means to produce change but they have made it so that the change he seeks to produce – even if he were successful – would not do anything to alleviate his frustration. In fact often it would do the very opposite.


If the aim of the common working man in regards to people on benefits were achieved it would make the working man’s lot worse because it would increase the supply of labor which decreases its value. In fact this is the reason given by most working-class people against immigration. People come over, flood the labor market and reduce wages…. what difference is there between people on benefits entering the labor market and people from abroad? 


This is symptomatic of the stupidity the common man has been brain-washed into.


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