I Just Don’t Get Humans!

People are strange creatures. They will insist on talking about their problems but will never listen to solutions. In fact it isn’t even necessary for them to talk about their problems! Any human creature with a semblance of a brain could quite rapidly articulate almost any problem they are likely to meet, enumerate the actions they could take and decide what to do or not to do.

If you look into any domestic problem it boils down to something really quite simple. Take for instance the situation of a parent with a child who insists on abusing substances.

In this case the problem is “My child abuses substances”. There is nothing difficult to apprehend in such a proposition. After articulating this predicament to a fellow hominid the being who pronounced it generally shakes their head and says something along the lines of “I just don’t know what to do?!”.

On what grounds do they make such a dismal statement? Have they endeavoured to analyse the situation? Have they even spent an iota of effort on divining possible actions they could take?

No! In almost every case the adult – and it is adults who engage in this activity! I am yet to see a child genuinely hang its head and mutter “I just don’t know what to do!” – just pollutes the air around himself with vacuous ejaculations of misery!

Just to show how easy it is to analyse such a circumstance:

Either I can do something to stop my child being a substance abuser or I cannot.

What actions can I do to remedy the situation?

          1. Shout at child
          2. Tempt child with money or other desirables
          3. reason with the child
          4. etc (Come up with actions till your creative faculty has spent itself)

After you have gone through this list you are left with the fact that there is nothing you can do.

Now that you realize this you can either accept reality or continue stressing. Most people continue stressing despite the fact that out of the alternatives (Substance abusing child without you stressing and substance abusing child with you stressing) this is the least desirable (at least on a conscious level).

Even when people become consciously aware of this state of affairs they do not desist from enacting them again and again. Actually I think it is this very phenomenon that is the cause of stories concerning demonic possession!


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