“Utopia” – To Depopulate or not to Depopulate that is the question!

Recently I’ve been watching a TV series on Channel 4 called “Utopia”. [Spoiler warning!] One of the basic premises of the series is that there is an organization that seeks to depopulate the world via mass sterilization. They have created a virus called Janus that will target all but 6% of the worlds population so that within a century the total human population will be around 600, 000, 000.

This got me thinking. If it is true that the human race is increasing exponentially and it is true that the world we live in contains finite resources then it follows that there will be a depopulation event. Of course we may be able to avoid this by colonizing space but I doubt that we will have the means to do so in time to avoid the depletion of resources.

A human being is made up of certain materials. If we were to really simplify the case and just deal with the question: How many people could be made out of the resources this planet has? If we were to do a 100% conversion; get all the carbon, water and so on and turn it all into human beings there is going to be a finite number of humans that can be produced. We’re not even taking into account the materials needed to maintain all their lives.

You can see humans – any living thing in fact – in the same way that those replicant things in stargate are seen. These replicants are made out of metal – I presume I am not an authority on stargate lore – so what they do whenever they enter a new environment is to convert all the material in that environment to replicants. That is essientially what we are doing when we eat and have babies. Sure we’re not as efficent or as rapid as some fictional entity but still that is what we are doing.

So given the inevitability of a depopulation event is it not better that we mastermind it ourselves? If it is a choice between on the one hand blind nature swatting us painfully into semi-oblivion or man giving himself an injection to make himself infertile for a bit – – – surely it’s better that we do it to ourselves. I mean being infertile is surely better than dying of starvation!


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