What is truth?

What is truth?

One idea for a definition of truth I have come across is that of a decision procedure for establishing truth. Well that instantly bifurcates truth but let us forget that for a bit.

According to this idea truth is a value that statements have. There is a reality out there so to speak. In fact that doesn’t have to assumed at all. All that has to be in order for this model of truth to work are two modes of presentation. In our case those modes are language and experience. So truth is – on the one hand – a set of criteria which we can use to decide whether or not a statement is true of what it is a statement about. We can generalize this and say that truth is a set of criteria which enables us to say of one instance of a mode of presentation that it is representing something in another mode of presentation.

To distinguish between these two “truths”. One is basically a short-hand for the proposition “This statement in this mode of presentation accurately represents something in this mode of presentation”. The other would be a set of propositions which enable to know whether or not you can make the afore-mentioned claim.

So here truth is merely a comparison between two modes of presentation.


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