Guilt as Social Conditioning and foundation of control

You can see how the systems of control in society today have grown out of Christianity. I don’t mean things such as the police force or the government when I say “systems of control”, these brutish organizations are far to blatant in their action to be effective forms of control. For a form of control to be truly effective it must be subtle, so subtle that only the most acute gaze can witness it in its effect. The true forms of control in our society all spawn from the same concept, that of guilt.


It is because of guilt that people behave themselves. Now this guilt – especially in modern times – is synonymous with shame. For most people there doesn’t need to be any overt threat in order to maintain guilts efficacity. Those people you see who always behave according to the status quo, who work all hours of the day in a job they despise despite being single and without responsibilities because deep down they have been conditioned into thinking that such an existence is the proper existence, because deep down they’d be ashamed to be seen being idle.


Of course for others the threat of punishment is what keeps them in-line. This is one of the two functions of any system of punishment in a society. The other function being to separate the people who refuse to be controlled from the people who accept control. To demarcate in a visible and objective-seeming manner between those guilty and not-guilty.


Despite what they want you to believe the guilty are not the ones in prison! The guilty are us on the outside… Well those of us on the outside who refrain from criminality not out of lack of desire but out of fear of punishment. You who want to steal but do not because you are scared are, or believe it is wrong are guilty already and it is this feeling of guilt that keeps you in line!


Guilt is something that has to be accepted! If you don’t accept guilt but are never-the-less detained well from your perspective you’ve just been kidnapped! There is no difference between you and a prisoner-of-war.


So this system of control is directly inherited from Christianity which has as its basic dogma the concept that all our guilty! That because of you – simply by virtue of being born – God, your heavenly father!!! had to kill his only son.


2 thoughts on “Guilt as Social Conditioning and foundation of control

  1. ahhh but it goes deeper than that you see… guilt is only a consequence of a longer line of events. it begins with conditioning the mind set. and im not gonna get all conspiracy theory about it im going to essentially make this a basic as possible to save both me an you the hassle of me explaining myself.

    so conditioning, yes it starts with making it happen. from whati understand it takes a few parts but im going to go over the ones that stick out to me in this case.

    1- Environment- first of all, we don’t know shit about our body. we know the basics of what we learn at school and the basic names of things and what they do. only just an hour or so i looked into what the main chemicals our body needs to survive.

    One of the most important ones is serotonin. the thing about it is that its taken in through carbs proteins sunlight sugars etc.

    now i’m not gonna bore you with details however the point is that theres a barrier in our body that stops us getting too much of some chemicals however since serotonin and its main counterpart tryptophan are not very high priority they seem to lose out on the race.

    now serotonin is the main cause for confidence happiness and it helps produce other chemicals such as melatonin a chemical required to help you sleep.

    thats just the vitamins you take in your environment now imagine how we feed ourselves due to lack of resources and knowledge. i could go into how we take in chemicals from the air we dont even know about but i promised i wouldn’t go all conspiracy theory so ill keep it as short as i can.

    here my sauce

    2- Morals – this is the one that gets me and it gets me so much im gonna just say this and leave it at that.
    Everyone has morals. not everyone has the same morals, some people get taught better morals, some people get taught better skills in areas of being civil. no matter there are certain morals that are shared. i daren’t go into sociology to refer to beliefs of social classes but thats where things get worse.

    now to sum it up as i really could go on, people from here become a mental mess they fell discouraged, ripped off, unwilling etc. Guilt is one outcome of this. and i only went down to 2 basic causes of it. The problem is not the guilt, its not the control, its not even the subtle nudges. its the fact we don’t know what’s right anymore. its all about priority and long term planning. also knowing what you need to know. but thats the most subtle joke of all.

    the most subtle joke that any structure has played on the individual is that if you are not taught to think of something,you are not going to think of it. and because you will prove to yourself whatever you see, if you only see fear, guilt, control, anger then you will prove to yourself that, the world is nothing but that. thus becoming part of it yourself and breeding others who will follow from influence. now you know the joke, maybe pass it to others so they laugh too.

    sorry bout my late night rant i saw the post and thought, you know what. imma read, and since i read. i commented 😛 nice one though really liked it.

    • I’m not so concerned with conspiricy theories (by which I mean trying to pin the blame onto a group of people) I’m more interested in the mechanisms of control.
      It’s a bit like that story the buddha told about suffering: There was a man with an arrow in his shoulder. A doctor comes and says he will take the arrow out. The man with an arrow in his shoulder says “No, no, wait! I want to know who shot the arrow, where he was standing, and why he shot it.” The doctor’s like “You’ve got an arrow in your shoulder!!!! Those questions don’t matter.”
      So I just focus on the mechanics of control because 1. They are that which is being done directly to me. Therefore I don’t have to spend extraneous time trying to authenticate sources that are unauthenticable. I just stick to my immediate experience and ask “What is it that stops me from being/doing who i am/what i am other than immediate force? and go from there.

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