Respect or Sincerity

I’ve noticed in my family that there is a schism. This schism exists between my father’s generation and his parent’s generation and between my generation and my father’s generation. I don’t think this Is typical of all families but only of those families that haven’t had the benefit of one of their generations realizing – as a whole – the liberal key-stone of the hippy revolution.

This schism is caused by the value-systems of the previous two generations. The value-system that is the Judeo-christian value-system. This effects those who wouldn’t call themselves Christians as well because though they may have cast away the belief in a God who punishes and rewards they have never-the-less maintained belief in the values that determine the eternal destination of souls within this defunct metaphysical system.

The particular values that have caused this schism are respect and sincerity.

By respect I don’t mean that emotion that one has towards a person who excels in his field. I don’t mean the respect I’d have for the opinion of a Dr concerning cancer treatment. What I mean is that respect which demands that a person be disingenuous in their behavior towards certain people. The respect that demands one doesn’t swear in front of certain people, that one doesn’t talk about certain subjects in front of certain people. That demands one edit their self-expression and play a role instead of being who they are. That which forces its adherents to dissimulate. The value that cements a hierarchy by determining how you are supposed to behave towards those above you.

By sincerity I mean being honest in your self-presentation. I mean being honest with the words that you use. When you say something sincerely you mean it. It is a true expression of what you really feel.

These two values are mutually exclusive! (Though maybe these two can live side by side but only when the sincere person remains silent!) A value-system that contains both is essentially saying that you have to be honest whilst also saying that you must not be honest. It is like that game that bullies play with their victims where they grab their hands and force them to punch themselves whilst saying “Stop hitting yourself!”


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