What’s the Greatest Achievement of Mankind to Date? The NHS!

Before I go on to explain the means by which the naive mass of mankind is duped into crying out for its own downfall in the case of things like the work-placement scheme and workhouses I want to look at the NHS. The reason here is that I think the prevalent opinion of the masses with regard to the NHS is one of the most acute examples of the unwitting will to self-destruction that the masses have.


So the NHS I would argue is the greatest single achievement mankind has yet achieved. I mean sure there are amazing feats of architecture and the scientific break-throughs which have enabled the NHS have every right to claim the mantle of greatness but the accolade “The greatest” properly belongs to free-health-care. This is the ultimate – though maybe unspoken – aim that man had in mind when he started hanging out with his fellow man. The only thing that could match it would be free food and shelter for all and if mankind has any ounce of wisdom that would be the end to which all human intellectual endeavor would be working right now! It just shows have dense we are as a species that this is not the case! Rather we spend more money on blowing each up then figuring free-energy, free-food, and space colonization.


Think about how vital and brilliant the NHS is. It basically assures us all – when it is working properly (and the only reason it fails to work properly is lack of funding despite the propaganda the media defecates daily) – that when the shit hits the fan, when you are desperately ill or injured that you have access to the best that man has yet come up with in terms of treatment! That no matter who you are, what you have done, or how much money you have managed to accrue that someone highly skilled is going to do their damned hardest to make sure you get better and you don’t have to worry about the money!!!!! I mean that’s glorious!!!


The doctors and nurses of the NHS are the true – – – and I hesitate to say it, but I feel it – – – and only heroes of the modern age. I mean in the sense of the avengers and heroes as portrayed in comic books. Sure there are people who do random acts of heroism but their job isn’t to be a hero. The police may be candidates for hero status but there’s an element of power that the police have that a nurse or a doctor doesn’t and it’s very often that this power is the reward for their job rather than helping people. Whereas I’m quite convinced that people generally go into the medical profession because they genuinely wish to help people.


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