Work-placements = Workhouses = Cheap Labour = Increased unemployement

I was going to do a few more posts using formal systems to talk about consciousness but I kind of did all that in the last paragraph of the last blog and any more blogs would be purple prose in a sense. Though if there are any people who wish for a more fleshed out exposition then ask and I shall oblige.

Anyway I live in England and in England we have a welfare system. There is a thing called jobseekers where people go to get money if they have no job. Recently there has been a – I think the term is – legislation requiring those on the dole to go on work placements. This is where they work full-time hours for some corporate entity whilst still getting the same amount of money. In fact I think the amount you get on Jobseekers is around £300 a month; whereas a full-time wage is around £1000 a month.

This seems to my mind to be turning the dole into a kind of work-house. Though it isn’t quite there yet it’s well on its way.

During the 18th and 19th centuries (or it could have been the 17th and 18th) there were institutions instated across europe where beggers, indigents, madmen and other outcastes of society were forced to go. In these institutions they were forced to work – that is produce such things as flour, fabric goods and generally what the then nascent industrial machine was producing in various manufactories. Instead of being paid the full price of their labour – or rather instead of being paid the same as a normal worker was paid – these people were paid a quarter of the normal man’s wage.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Can anyone guess what the result of this was? Yes you’ve got it! Because the workhouses paid their workers a quarter of what the normal manufactories paid their workers they out-competed them! This then caused unemployement to increase which gave the work-houses more slaves!!! Eventually because of this the whole thing was stopped.

See I clean at new-look and almost all the time they have one of these work-placement people there. Now do you think that while a greedy company like new look can get labour at a quarter the price it’s going to be hiring a full-price employee? I mean yeah the company is limited to having one at a time – I think – but still that is one job place that is taken from those that want to work!

To see how (I think) this has happened; to see how (I think) the working masses have been duped into crying out for legislation that works against their best interests tune in next time!!!


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