Dialogue between thought and thoughts

On the way home from work today I was being hassled by thoughts concerning my loneliness. Recently I’ve been putting myself out there on a dating website, have been on a few dates and nothing has happened. There was one girl who I was talking to for a bit and it seemed quite promising but it just vanished. So there I was walking home being hassled by thoughts like “I’m never going to find anyone!”. There’s no point giving them all a written voice because they are thoughts that are all to common.


Instead of being destroyed by these thoughts as I used to I watched them. I asked questions of them.


“What is your function?”
To impart information.

“Don’t lie! If your function was to impart information why do you repeat yourselves so much? Why go on saying the same thing over and over? Information does not change with repetition!”

To make you more successful.

“Don’t lie!” I said in a slightly more strident voice. “You’ve been saying these things to me my whole life… or at least as long as I can remember. If you’re intention was to assist me in attaining what you make me think I want then you would have changed what you said by now because you’re spiel’s been as efficacious as a rotten egg!”

To make you feel.

“Now I think we are getting closer to the truth… I have noticed that the thoughts that are the most persistent are those thoughts that generate the most emotional activity. If you analyzed thoughts and attempted to distinguish between them, to find a qualitative difference between one thought and another, you’d be at a total loss to find any. There seem to be two things interacting here : thoughts and emotions. You cannot understand the hold a thought will have on a person by looking at it in isolation.”

(To be continued… )


2 thoughts on “Dialogue between thought and thoughts

  1. I love how you communicate awareness of repetitive thoughts. Getting to the emotional roots of these patterns is the greatest work of our lives.

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