Dating sites

So I’ve only gone and put myself on a dating website! What am I like hey Tuts at self in jest as expressed through the mock rolling of the eye-balls.

It’s actually a wonderfully opportunity to examine the shyness and self-consciousness that arises in homo sapiens by watching my own internal environment as I agonize over personal statements and messages to potential mates.

One of the things I keep telling myself as I write stuff on there is “Just be me. You’re not trying to attract someone… Well you are but for god’s sake don’t let yourself know that because that’s when… You’ve only gone and done it haven’t you… Now write that back up.. go on that bit you just deleted because you thought that pretty ladies wouldn’t like it… actually no on second thoughts just leave it but from now on no deleting!!! Remember you’re trying to attract the women to you and some fictional idealized version of you!”

But it’s hard. I mean how do you start a conversation? Also when people reply in mono-syllables does that mean they’re not interested or just shy? I don’t want to hassle people but I don’t want potentials to fall through the net. I think as long as I fuck off when told I should be fine…

The site I signed up to has a funny name: or plenty of fish. Ha objectification or what! But the good kind I suppose because it’s objectifying men and women equally…


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