The meaningful Atom

Everything is really quite simple. Actually everything is as simple as simple can be.


No matter what the subject it all breaks down into divisible units of 3.


0 = thing, – = connection


0 – 0 is the quanta of information… or rather knowledge seeing as information already has an entrenched definition in computer science and mathematics.


What I am getting at with the diagram (0 – 0) is the smallest amount of bits (things, symbols, stuff) a thing needs in order to meaningful.


This is easily seen in language. In language all sentences can be reduced to simple sentences which can’t themselves be further reduced (and maintain syntactical legitimacy – – even ellipses work because part of the sentence is unspoken. They work by evoking the missing). A simple sentence is made up of a subject, an object, and a thing that connects the subject to the object (usually a verb).


The structure of knowledge is fractal.

“ 0 – 0 “

Say you have the statement “Apples are green”. What does the symbol “Apples” Mean?

0 – 0

“Apples are a fruit”. And so on.


This has some marvelous repercussions the most marvelous of which is that everything you could ever want to learn is really quite simple. It’s just a matter of reducing it to a level that links with the items of knowledge you already possess. Difficulty in learning is not a function of complexity but a function of remembering loads of stuff and remembering what goes with what.


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