Why I’m a pacifist

Since I was about 14 I’ve been a pacifist. One of the main inspirations behind this was seeing Gandhi in “Gandhi” putting those pass things into a bin whilst being beaten up.


Now I have more pragmatic reasons for being a pacifist.


Reason No. 1


I don’t like being hurt.


If someone were to hurt me and I was to hurt them back chances are they are going to hurt me again. So I’d get hurt twice rather than once and all I’d get for the extra pain is the knowledge that they are hurting too which is useless to me. I don’t value the hurt in another person. Which brings me to…


Reason No. 2


I don’t like hurting people.


Or rather I don’t derive any pleasure from seeing people get hurt. That doesn’t change with the knowledge that I was the cause of it.


Often people will seek to hurt other people because of some subconscious belief that this somehow redresses the balance. On some level they must believe that if they hurt the cause of their hurt then their hurt will somehow be diminished. Which is obviously a false belief.


Reason No. 3


I like to view things from a more lofty perspective. From such views by hurting someone because they hurt you all you’ve done is increase the amount of hurt. And hurt is one of the very few things that we’ve managed to get a consensus on as being bad.


Reason No. 4


In some cases you can see a fight as a betting game. Someone hits you which is them putting effort – aka cash – into the kitty. The kitty is something like an accolade – you know “I’m hard” or something of that ilk. I don’t value any of the things that people engage in such activities for… therefore I don’t engage in those activities.


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