Thoughts on the Body of God

I believe there is an entity to whom – or to which – the nomenclature surrounding the divine is appropriate. That is to say that I do believe in a God. Rather I believe in The God of which we are all a part in a comparable way that your finger is a part of you.





There are a few romantic notions concerning our relation to God that I do not believe. One is that God created us because this implies that we are separate from God which I don’t believe is possible.




Another is that God created us like robots – that he made our gears and then set us into motion. I do not believe that because I believe that each and every motion of each and every particle of reality is related to God in the same way that my motions are related to me. Or at least those motions I am conscious of making because for God there are no unconscious motions.




This is all to say that I believe that everything and everything that everything does is a direct expression of God.



Now I come to the problem of consciousness. I would like to ascribe it to this supra-entity but I don’t know if I can. Consciousness seems to be quite special and there is a part of me that screams out “Sure God is conscious” but this could just be conscious-chauvinism. This is because it is perfectly reasonable to state that consciousness is a mere function of a much larger meta-construct. As I’ve said I don’t believe that consciousness is reducible to physics but I also said and believe that such a statement is unprovable. The question “How does consciousness come to be?” Is unanswerable for reasons Hume clearly states in his inquiry.



Ultimately this means that all of our anger, our need for justice isn’t to be directed at man just as you don’t shout at a finger for poking you in the eye. It also means that these feelings could be unreasonable because if God isn’t conscious then I don’t see how these feelings could be applicable to it… And anyway if these feelings were legitimate they are useless.


For example say someone murders your family. You want revenge – which you call justice. You get justice say in the guise of a death penalty. Does it bring your family back?


One thought on “Thoughts on the Body of God

  1. I would agree that the feelings are unreasonable, because all feelings are. They are products of evolution that work as motivators, and may or may not be applicable to a situation. But I would disagree they are useless. Our anger evolved so that we could keep community members in line. Where would we be without it? But how to moderate it with our reason is the question.

    I agree, too, that consciousness is the question. Our two main choices are emergentism and panpsychism, and as you say of “god’s” consciousness, how can we know? Then again, how can we know if we can know?

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