Rejoice for Points are Pointless

It’s funny how some things when looked at one way can inspire misery but when looked at another way inspire joy. Like the idea that life is pointless or meaningless.


For years as I was growing up I was infected by that idea that there must be a point to life that life must have a meaning. I couldn’t conceive what such a thing would look like but I knew – or thought I knew – that it was the big be all and end all.


Notice how all the ways of expressing this “Meaning” are meaningless. What is it? The big be-all-and-end-all, the point, the raison d’etra, the reason… Yes but what is it?


I think the only reason to live is joy, peace, even life itself is the reason for life. When we are comfortable, when all the necessaries are seen to we forget this. We start creating agitants for ourselves. This is because we are all infected by the need for purpose. We all – secretly – want to be slaves.


It is this disease – this need for purpose – that is solely responsible for all the woes in the world. Why? Because even if we ever managed to create paradise well wouldn’t we destroy it because in it there would be no purpose. Once we’d achieved the ultimate purpose, the ultimate satisfaction, we’d be dissatisfied because – and only because – there was nothing left to achieve.


The thing is the idea of a purpose is a lie. It’s a myth! There is no ultimate point to life and where others experience an existential angst at such a prospect I do not! I see it as a good because for me points are things for which I do what I don’t want to do… which means that there is no ultimate justification for suffering.


In a sense I believe that a lot of existential angst – such as Sartre’s – is a hang-over from the older order of things. The remnants of the previous society in which social structures were cemented by religious dogmas. Now that has gone but the Psychological structures that that way engendered in us on deeply individual and sociological levels still exist though they are being eroded – thank god. It is the juxtaposition of these structures with the new arising structures that creates angst.


We are moving from the point to the pointless. From slavery to freedom. Freedom is a scary thing to life-long slave.


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