The Myth of Society

Our culture is built on a lie. It tries to make you believe that you have a duty to fulfill. That if you do certain things or fail to do certain things you should feel ashamed. That is implicitly it sets up a standard and then attempts to trick you into accepting that standard without your knowledge.


But who’s to say which standard – if any – is the right standard.


The thing is you’re born, right, and you didn’t choose to be born. There wasn’t a time prior to your birth where you were applying for citizenship to life. There wasn’t a form filled with boxes to tick with a signature box at the bottom. What I’m saying is that you didn’t agree to anything before you were born. You were rudely shoved into life and there you are a blinking baby covered in your mother’s juices and what do they do? They entrap you.


Duty is a consequence of contract. If you offer me something and say “If I give you this then you have to do something for me.” and you accept you have an obligation. There is a duty you should fulfill. This duty is a direct result of you entering into a contract with someone.


Now then this state of affairs doesn’t exist naturally. That is to say that you are not honor bound to anyone or anything. Say there is some “objective standard of morality”… So what? Why do you have to follow it?


What I’m really trying to get at is how free we are as human beings. We are born unshackled and we live our lives unshackled. We think – that is to say we have been tricked into thinking – that we are shackled. That there are restrictions to our self-expression but there aren’t.


Ultimately all they have on you is force. Some people are stronger than you are and because of this they can hurt you. Notice I didn’t say “control you”. They can issue an imperative but you can refuse to comply. They can threaten you with death and you can accept that and die. This is the fundamental dynamic.


But society is built around the hiding away of this fact. Society is sham, a glamor placed around force. It is built in such a way because ultimately it isn’t very cost effective to kill everyone who doesn’t comply. It’s better to trick them into complicity.


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