The Fundamental Dishonesty Inherent in Modern Christianity

Mainstream Christianity is founded upon the idea of choice. Most Christians don’t really worship God; they worship the efficacy of their choice. They claim that it is God who is their Saviour but ultimately they believe that it is their choice that saves them.

This leads to hypocrisy because they believe that they have to choose to love in order to be saved. The problem is you cannot choose to love because love is a spontaneous reaction to someone.

They believe that you have to choose to believe in God. That you have to choose to believe that Jesus was the son of God, that he died on the cross and rose again in order to be saved. They believe that if you don’t believe this and choose to love God then you will go to hell.

Both of these things are things you cannot choose. You cannot choose to believe anything. Belief is a spontaneous non-volitional reaction to statements. If you believe belief is a choice then believe that I went to Mars (the planet) yesterday.

I contend that pretty much everyone who claims to be a Christian – that is someone who believes that Jesus was Christ, died and rose again – is not a Christian. They are playing a game of pretend. They are so good at this game that they have deceived themselves.

Christians have forced themselves into this inauthentic position by the idea of hell. They have created this whip with which they coerce themselves into attempting the impossible. As a result of this they become a cult that seeks to expand. Have you ever noticed how if you take the word Christian out of the phrase “Evangelical Christian” you lose none of its meaning?

It is an empty religion full of noise but lacking substance. You see them in the churches now vainly trying to mimic the current culture – distorting themselves and their ceremonies in order to appeal to the masses.

They don’t trust God for their salvation. They have faith in their ability to continue making the same decision until they die and go to heaven. Modern day Christianity is worship of the self and faith in its capacity to maintain a decision. Modern Christianity is Godless.


8 thoughts on “The Fundamental Dishonesty Inherent in Modern Christianity

  1. While there are element to truth here, such as the church sometimes conforming to culture, you are painting with an awfully broad brush.
    But I’ll leave it at this: You can certainly choose to believe. In fact, everything we believe in that we can not touch, see or feel, involves a choice. I choose to believe in air, in atoms in up quarks and down quarks, even though I’ve never seen any of them.
    I choose to believe my wife loves me, although I can’t see love directly. I can see it’s affects. People choose to “fall out of love” everyday while other people choose to believe they are in love, whether they truly are or not.
    Hell actually has very little to do with reasons for believing in Christ. Those who want to, can simply choose to believe hell is a myth ,or to believe the Bible is inaccurate.

    “If you believe belief is a choice then believe that I went to Mars (the planet) yesterday.”
    Funny you should mention this, because I find this thought pattern in a lot of non-believers. “Everything is my perception of it.” And my reaction is: “I perceive I have a million dollars in the bank, then.” It hasn’t worked yet.
    Truth is. It doesn’t change with my perception of it. And if I believe space aliens exist my thoughts won’t create them.
    Yet believing in aliens is still a choice. We weigh the evidence and decide what we believe in.
    Jesus said “Blessed is he who believes without seeing.” (loose translation.)

    • Belief is not a choice.

      Say I present you with a proposition such as potatoes are vegetables. There isn’t a period of time where you neither believe or believe the proposition and then think to yourself “Gosh, I think it’s about time I had an opinion concerning the vegetable status of these tubers!”

      No you instantly react with belief or non-belief to a statement. Even when you deliberate about it all you are doing is attempting to discover whether you believe it or not.

      I agree with you the truth is independent of us. What i was trying to show you when i said “Choose to believe i went to mars yesterday” was the impossibility of choosing to believe something.

      If you say “I don’t believe you went to Mars yesterday for x reason and y reason” Then that shows you already had an opinion about my past travels that you were expressing in that believe.

      If belief is a choice then i challenge you to believe i went to mars yesterday!!! If you give me a reason for not being able to believe i went to mars yesterday then you are proving my point!

  2. Sorry, belief in the unknowable is absolutely a choice. People choose to believe all kinds of implausible things. People weigh the evidence about bigfoot and some choose to believe the evidence and some choose to be skeptics.

    If you’re on a jury, you look at the evidence and decide if the accused is guilty or not.
    If you told me potatoes were vegetables, and I was a toddler who trusted you, I would not doubt believe you were telling me the truth. Since I have already been told otherwise and it seems logical to me to believe otherwise. ( I have no reason to believe the idea of potatoes being tubers to be false) I choose to believe that potatoes are still roots.
    If you presenting me with compelling evidence that you went to mars yesterday, I would weigh the evidence, but would still be left with a choice of whether to believe you or not.

    But, in regards to Christ, we are leaving out an important element, me thinks. Belief in Christ (I believe) has to be more then mental assent. Someone will say “Sure, I believe he was Gods son.” But they have no intention of submitting their life to him. IMO, faith is about a submission of the will rather then simply mental consent.

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