On being offended

To be offended by words is stupid. I’m sorry if that offends you but it is true.


Now what do I mean by stupid?


The way most people use that word it means ignorance, not knowing something. Which kind of makes it meaningless because every individual doesn’t know stuff. Just as every individual knows stuff. So in that sense everyone is stupid and everyone is clever!


When I use the word “Stupid” I mean when someone causes themselves harm. Especially when they cause themselves harm with the intention of not causing – or protecting themselves from – harm.


Using this metric being offended by words – yes I mean sounds people make with their face-holes – is the height of stupidity. Why? Well because any harm – or rather sensation of harm – felt upon hearing a vocalization (that falls within non-ear-hurting range) is entirely caused by the hearers response and attitude to it. If you get offended by a joke, a swear-word, or an insult you are stupid because you are hurting yourself unintentionally.


Think about it… If someone insults you – like they say you have a low intelligence or you are obese – either what they say is true or it isn’t. If it is well thank them or nod knowingly and any pain you feel would just be a reflection of your self-loathing. If it isn’t then they are being delusional or creative neither of which are inherently harming.


Some people may call self-harmers stupid – you know those kids who cut their arms – but they’re are not stupid. They want to hurt themselves so they go about it in an efficient way – knife and slice – – but you – my retarded offendee – don’t want to be hurt and yet you hurt yourself! Silly sentient person.


I can kind of understand being “offended” by a punch. Sure being hurt by a punch is kind of inevitable; a smack in the face is a smack in the face; it causes certain physiological responses beyond your control but to add the pain of offense? To be hit, feel the physical pain of the punch and then add on to that the emotional pain of “This person doesn’t like me because he hit me and his not liking me hurts me as well as the squashing of my eyeball due to his fist” is silly… but not as silly as being offended purely by a word.


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