This whole Halal thing

It seems to me that most people are being quite hypocritical over this whole Halal thing. Of course that doesn’t include those of you that do not eat meat and those of you that buy meat only when they know it has been reared and killed in a humane manner. But those of you expressing out-rage at the way in which animals are culled for Halal whilst stuffing your faces with eggs from battery hens and eating meat from chickens that have had their genes played with to the extend that standing up breaks their legs – not to mention the grotty habitats they are grown/produced in – you – yes I’m pointing at you people I am friends with! – are being hypocritical and should slap yourself in the face to wake you up from the racist stupor the media has put you in.


Now because the above isn’t very original I thought I could use this current issue to talk about morality in general. The question being discussed – albeit implicitly – in the above is: “Is it right to hurt things?”


First of all I think we have to be honest about the right/wrong thing. When we express moral objections we are really expressing preferences no different to our preferences concerning food. The real issue isn’t “What is right and what is wrong?” but how are we going to legislate. What are we going to force people to do and not to do.


When the proverbial shit hits the fan all moral questions come down to might. So in society – ideally speaking – the might is represented by the consensus. Actually even non-ideally speaking. Our current situation is one where the majority is being duped but you only dupe a dragon because it’s a dragon.


So on the question “Is it right to hurt things?” My moral sensibility is disgusted by the idea of things being hurt. But I know of people that enjoy hurting things and are not bothered by it. Now the question “Which one of us should have our way?” Is really an irrelevant one. You can discuss it over a pint of beer but in reality questions that involve the word “should” are as effective and meaningful as defending yourself by defecating in your pants.


The meaningful question is “What are we going to do as a society?” And that would be decided by a consensus. I personally hope we could legislate against all forms of “Hurting things” partly because I don’t like the thought of things being hurt but also because I might one day be a thing that is being hurt and if that pain is legitimized by the state…. Sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it.


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