Meditation, Mindfulness, and that Voice in your Head that says “You’re shit!”

Often I’ll sit to write my blog for the day and there’ll be nothing in my mind to write about. This is exacerbated by the fact that I sit to write it after my 2nd meditation of the day. A clear mind though pleasant isn’t always conducive to profound expositions.


That’s not really true. I’ve found that after meditation it is easier to write. The flow comes more easily. I think this is because the process of meditation shuts the inner police-man up. You know that voice in your head that says “You’re shit! No-one will want to read what you write! You shouldn’t even bother!”


In fact I think it’s in its ability to stop your self-deprecating that the strength of meditation lies. This voice – or being… I don’t know if demons exist but that voice or feeling that we have that tells us we are worthless, that we are rubbish at things and that we shouldn’t even try certainly seems to be an independent existence inhabiting our skulls. This voice is the main impedance to our living the life that we want.


It’s because of this voice that we don’t even try.



I’ve found that since practicing mindfulness and meditation my life has been flowering. I’ve been much happier and have been trying new things, learning new skills. This is because the practice of meditation and mindfulness is basically just recognizing when that voice is speaking and realizing that it isn’t you and then shutting it up. It’s amazing how much of an effect just getting your head-space clear can have.



I think another reason why meditation and mindfulness are so effective is that thoughts are a doing. They are a doing that has become so habitual to most people that they have forgotten that they are a doing. They think that a chattering mind is the restful state. Like all doing thoughts require energy. So when you’re not thinking so much you have extra energy at your disposal which for me manifests as motivation.


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