Why I think God = You

      1. The unconditionality of consciousness.

In many traditions God is said to be love. In this aspect it is not just love in a human sense, love that loves for a reason, but unconditional love. This love is expressed in our mere existence. Good people as well as bad people exist. The rain falls on the good as well as the bad.

I think this love is really acceptance and ultimately it’s unconditional acceptance. This is the very character of consciousness.

      1. The unknowability of that which is conscious in us.

Another characteristic of God is unknowability. The ineffable nature of God is in more traditions than the idea that God is love. Being the creator of all it isn’t bound by what its creation is bound. Us being creations understand other creations in terms of the bounds that bind them. We have a conditional understanding and God being unconditioned is incomprehensible to us.

When I ask myself “Who am I?” what I’m really asking is “What is it that is aware in me?”. I am trying to get at that bit of this thing I call me that is aware. The problem is that I cannot come up with any kind of answer. I cannot even begin to formulate an answer. This is because all I can think of are things that I have been aware of and that which is aware must be different. Or rather it may not be but the nature of the thing that is aware will be unknown to me even if I was looking it in the face because all I could “see” would be the active part of an object. The bit that impresses itself upon me and not that which receives an impression.

      1. The Peace intrinsic to Consciousness.

With meditation and mindfulness comes a seeing that consciousness is an ever-present peace. No matter what the situation is it remains still. The chaos and distress we experience are mere happenings in this stillness. I know of no greater expression of power than this stillness so I think it is God.

God may not be a good word. I find all words for it acceptable. Peace, Nothing, Brahman, Atman, That whatever.

It doesn’t care what we call it.

Quick disclaimer: This is metaphysics and as such there aren’t any criteria for distinguishing between any of the many views about it. This is just the view that excites my belief glands currently.


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