Life is beautiful.

Just wonderful. I was looking for a poem to re-blog and this sums up how I see life. Life has suffering in it but it also has joy. Shakespeare wrote tragedies and comedies and they were all beautiful. The same is true with life.
Oh and read the rest of Erika Fuego’s Poetry!!! Epic renditions of the inner human life!

Erika Fuego

If you’ve ever…

missed someone

been lied to

cried all night

loved someone who didn’t love you back

been made fun of











Life is terrible.

If you’ve ever

Had a first kiss

Played with a puppy

Eaten something delicious

Had an orgasm

Cuddled all night

Got high

Laughed till you cried

Shared a smile with a stranger

Fell in love

Felt needed

Blasted the stereo

read a good book

Looked into the eyes of a baby

Did something for someone 

Watched a movie that took you away

Looked up at the night sky

Received a compliment

felt appreciated

gave love

received love

Life is wonderful.

Life is a little terrible & a little wonderful.

If life weren’t terrible sometimes, you would not know wonderful.

If life felt wonderful all the time you wouldn’t know how wonderful, wonderful really is.

The secret…

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